Commercial Credit Services - debt collection with a difference

What makes Commercial Credit Services so different?

What makes Commercial Credit Services so different?

What comes to mind when we say debt collector? You're probably not thinking about someone you'd invite around for a Sunday barbecue or tea with your mum - because debt recovery agents have a bit of a reputation. But, we're here to change all that! At Commercial Credit Services we aim to provide credit management facilities and debt recovery services without the stigma. We pride ourselves on being real, approachable and invested people - not just debt recovery machines!

Customer experience

Most debt recovery businesses think about two parties in the debt collection process - themselves, and the client their collecting on behalf of. Well, we take this one step further. An equally important part of this conversation is your customer - the person from whom we need to recover the debt. Why is that? Well, there are two reasons:

  1. That customer is a person too - so we like to treat them like one. They're not just a number to us.
  2. That customer could also be worth more money to you if they return to your business.

Why would you want someone to return for more business if they failed to honour their credit terms the first time around? Good question. Whether it's consumer or commercial debt collection, your customer is fallible. They can run into a rough patch or a hard time that makes it difficult to pay their debts on time - even though they're usually a valued customer. What we do is step in to take the heat off you during the collection process, and help the debtor figure out a solution that they can afford and that gets you your money back.

Better by nature

We don't like to brag - but we're good. And we know it. We have over 30 years of debt collection experience - something you don't come by every day when looking at credit management services or debt recovery agencies. Why have we stuck around for so long? Because our points of difference are exactly what our clients are looking for.

  • A presence in multiple markets and reach across the country and overseas
  • An in-house law firm to tackle your paperwork and debt collection litigation
  • Single point-of-contact Account Managers to keep in touch with you

Speaking of keeping in touch, we offer a variety of communication avenues to make your life easier. Your Account Manager is on-deck at all times, allowing you to wield the full power of Commercial Credit Services with just one phone call. We make sure that no steps are taken without your express, written consent - this way you know all the fees and costs involved before progressing. There's also our online client portal which gives you a comprehensive overview of everything that's happening with your account.

Sound too good to be true?

Sometimes when things sound too good to be true, they are. However, as we said before - we like to be the exception to the rule. We really are everything we say we are, and more. At commercial Credit Services you get to deal with genuine people who have your business's best interests at heart and the technology and capacity to do something about it too.



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